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How to maintain the oil fume purifier?


With the high attention paid to environmental protection and the strengthening of national environmental protection policies, many restaurants have installed oil fume purifiers, making them an indispensable machine equipment for restaurants. Oil fume purifiers have also become one of the equipment for purifying the air in restaurants.


Among them, the electrostatic oil fume purifier has strong purification ability, so how to clean the oil fume purifier?


The core component of an oil fume purifier is a high and low voltage electric field. In addition, the oil fume purifiers produced by manufacturers generally have three layers of filters. The first layer is a pre filter screen, which is made of different materials but has similar functions. It is mainly used to remove oil droplets generated by particles. The second layer is a high and low voltage electrostatic field. This layer can absorb particles with diameters ranging from 0.3 microns to 20 microns, which is also a concern for consumers regarding PM2.5. The service life of this layer is generally only a few years. If used for a long time, the filter will accumulate dust and oil particles. In addition, if these accumulations are not clear, the static electricity in the electrostatic field can cause a fire.


The dust removal filter and dust removal electrode plate of the oil fume purifier need to be cleaned, and the cleaning time is one to two months. After cleaning the high and low voltage electric fields of the purifier with caustic soda solution, wipe off the oil stains and use it to maintain air circulation and cleanliness. If the chassis of the oil fume purifier and the purifier have more electrode dust collectors, they also need to be cleaned.


Of course, these components are maintained every six months. You can use a long brush to remove the dust on top, and clean the outer shell and diameter joint of the oil fume purifier every two months to ensure that the oil fume purifier can operate at its best performance. Of course, if the oil fume purifier is placed in an area with more dust, you should clean them regularly.



When the pipeline temperature of the oil fume purifier is too high and water droplets appear on the collection plate of the electric field of the oil fume purifier, traffic lights will flash back and forth on the panel of the purifier box. At the same time, the current plate will also bounce back and forth. In a short period of time, the oil fume purifier will malfunction and burn the power supply for a long time. Therefore, when installing the oil fume purifier, the steam pipe and the oil fume discharge pipe should be separated.


In addition, when the oil fume purifier is no longer in use, it should be placed in a packaging box for cleaning and then stored in a ventilated area. Pay attention to moisture prevention in daily life to avoid damage or decrease in purification efficiency due to moisture.


In addition, there is great potential for the development of range hoods. It continuously uses ions and then produces a large amount of negative ions. They are sent out by micro fans and then form a unique airflow to achieve cleaning and purification purposes. In addition, you need to know a lot about this cleaning method. If you are unsure, you can consult a professional.


What are the rules for cleaning oil fume purifiers?


I just told you the precautions and cleaning methods for the range hood purifier. Someone may ask the editor what is the cleaning cycle and how long does it last? In fact, according to normal usage, oil fume purifiers are usually cleaned every 2-3 months, and a large number of oil fume restaurants, such as Sichuan and Hunan cuisine, can shorten the cleaning time by cleaning every one to two months to ensure the treatment effect of the oil fume purifier.


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